Moving SeeingKolot to a new address!!

June 24, 2009

I began this experiment in blogging with the generous donation of a year of web hosting from a member of our congregation. I found several things to be true during my first blogging foray.

1. Blogging takes incredible discipline.

2. Blogging takes a lot of time.

3. Wanting to do cool things (embed video, etc.) in a blog makes for frustrating, even excruciating experiences with technofrenzy. This is my term for being locked in combat with the technology that is supposed to make blogging and all other forms of creating content easier.

4. Blogging demands, as a prerequisite, time (not including that used for sermon writing) to read, absorb, digest and otherwise reflect on life. Without this, there is no material to post.

5. Single full time working mothers (especially those with schedules like pulpit rabbis) have little to none of this kind of time readily available.

Having finally realized all of the above I realized I couldn’t maintain the blog in a way that would justify the expense once the free year expired.

But I still really believe this is the best way to communicate with y’all and to get ideas, great articles, music and the like out to you. So I’ve moved Seeing Kolot to this new address and am paying for any upgrades it needs myself. This way if I don’t write terribly much I won’t feel awful about it and hopefully the fact that it’s here waiting for me everyday will be an enticement to post.

I am hopefully going to figure out to get that wonderful RSS button on here that enables you to just click that to subscribe to the blog.

We’ll see how the technofrnezy works out….


One Response to “Moving SeeingKolot to a new address!!”

  1. peg said

    needed to wade thru a few blog lists before hitting this…..easy to find, even for me!! good luck with “technofrenzy”. (like the word….great descripter)

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