Rabbinic Preparation

September 17, 2009

The setting for my sermons these High Holy Days is, of course, the world economic crisis. I found so many resources that address the  underlying moral issues that produced this meltdown and couldn’t begin to share them all from the pulpit. One resource I found particularly meaningful is  the Speaking of Faith website. Krista Tippet is doing a remarkable job of asking the really important questions and has access the wisest people of our time to ask them of.  I will be using several of her interviews with people to formulate the basis of my remarks this year but wanted to post this link to a show that started me down the path to the interviews I will use. This show is a talk with Parker Palmer, an amazing Quaker thinker and teacher who has written many books that I have found inspirational. His thoughts on where we are as a society are so helpful as I prepare for the end of Elul and the beginning of Tishrei.


I began this experiment in blogging with the generous donation of a year of web hosting from a member of our congregation. I found several things to be true during my first blogging foray.

1. Blogging takes incredible discipline.

2. Blogging takes a lot of time.

3. Wanting to do cool things (embed video, etc.) in a blog makes for frustrating, even excruciating experiences with technofrenzy. This is my term for being locked in combat with the technology that is supposed to make blogging and all other forms of creating content easier.

4. Blogging demands, as a prerequisite, time (not including that used for sermon writing) to read, absorb, digest and otherwise reflect on life. Without this, there is no material to post.

5. Single full time working mothers Read the rest of this entry »